Michelle Kerr

Michelle brings a unique perspective shaped by personal challenges and a distinguished career in public safety.  Witnessing her five younger brothers' battle with spinocerebellar ataxia, a degenerative condition affecting motor skills andmental health, Michelle experienced firsthand the hurdles in accessibility, communication impairment, and mental illness. 

Tragically, her journey included the loss of her oldest brother to suicide in 2013, highlighting the critical need for increased  awareness and support within the first responder community. Drawing from over 38 years of service at Erie County CentraPolice Services Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), Michelle retired in December 2015, leaving behind a legacy of  dedication and expertise. 

Michelle's was a certified APCO Public Safety Telecommunicator-1, 7th edition instructor from 2002 to 2013, and she  conducted the Public Safety Telecommunicator-1 course multiple times for Erie County telecommunicators, sharing her  wealth of knowledge and experience. 

Her influence also extends to the Erie County Law Enforcement Academy, where she lectured on 911 Communications for police cadets from 2009 to 2016. Even in her retirement, Michelle remains an active volunteer, contributing to the Elma  Community Emergency Response Team, Inc. Her FEMA Emergency Management Institute training as a CERT trainer,  coupled with her role as an American Heart Association BLS CPR instructor, showcases her ongoing commitment to  community safety. 

In March 2016, Michelle transitioned into the role of a Master Trainer for the First Responder Disability Awareness  program. Her extensive background, including serving as a 911 call taker, shift supervisor, and PSAP director, uniquely  positions her to address the nuanced challenges faced by emergency responders. 

Michelle's journey, marked by personal loss and professional excellence, underscores the imperative for disability  awareness within emergency response. Her tireless efforts continue to shape the training landscape for first responders,  ensuring a more inclusive and empathetic approach to those in need. 

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