A trainer centered between six first responders who have completed the training.

Vision, Mission, Values


To be the preeminent resource for new approaches, ways of thinking, strategies and solutions that intentionally foster inclusion, equity and quality of life for people with disabilities.

Mission Statements

  • We provide education, training, resources, and solutions to increase awareness and understanding about disabilities. Our focus is on knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of those with disabilities to ensure inclusion and independence in line with universal accessibility.
  • We promote inclusion, independence, and universal accessibility for individuals with disabilities.
  • We develop programs that address and change attitudes, communication, and physical barriers in all communities. 
  • We maintain high academic standards by utilizing Niagara University's academic expertise in all our programs. 
  • Our target audiences include professionals in the public and private sectors who interact with a diverse range of people.

Core Values

The Institute’s Value Statement can best be summarized as “Breaking down barriers through knowledge.” In this statement, the Institute envisions something beyond mere compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as a legal requirement. The Institute takes a leadership role, actively educating and sharing knowledge to build a society that is more inclusive and fair for everyone.

  • Excellence: We always provide exemplary quality in everything we offer, following strict standards.
  • Collaboration: We value and actively seek partnerships with educational institutions, nonprofits, local, state, and federal government agencies, and other stakeholders. We respect the knowledge and experience and welcome their contribution to our purpose. This helps us advance our mission and reach a larger audience.
  • Customer Orientation: We make sure to efficiently and proactively meet the expectations of those accessing the Institute’s services.
  • Solution Focused: We are always learning and staying updated on the latest challenges faced by individuals with disabilities. Our goal is to respond with well-informed and appropriate solutions.
  • Advocacy: We provide education on how to be an advocate while also supporting and giving a voice to those who may not have one.

"This course is EXCELLENT and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND emergency managers attend the course. The instructor is a true subject matter expert and a great presenter/instructor. I learned so much from the course. Please share this training opportunity with your EMs."

— Stephanie, Emergency Manager at State of Missouri

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