Disability Awareness 101

Why DA 101 is Essential to You

Disability awareness helps us recognize and challenge unfair attitudes and behaviors and create a world where everyone feels accepted and included. By understanding different needs and perspectives, we can work together to build a community that values and supports everyone, regardless of their abilities. This course will provide the tools you need to properly interact with people with disabilities and foster a more inclusive workplace and community. 

Features of the course include:

  • Practical applications and methods for understanding the varied experiences of people with disabilities.

  • Respect and inclusion for persons with invisible disabilities.

  • Proper etiquette around persons with service animals.

  • An understanding that all disabilities are not the same and that persons with disabilities are competent and aspire to live independently.

  • Skills to evaluate text and images that represent stereotypical disabilities and how they impact people’s perceptions of disability.

  • Focus on basic inclusion methods, accommodations, and equal opportunity.

  • Introduction to Federal laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • Training in using Person First Language and Identity First Language for day-to-day interactions.

The training was unbelievably informative and well received by our team…everyone was engaged through your entire presentation…you did a wonderful job keeping it energetic and interesting.

— Sarah, Talent Acquisition Administrator

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