Report an Occurrence

If you, or someone you know, have been involved in a situation that you feel warrants our attention, we encourage you to contact us and tell us about it. This could be a matter that you feel was handled positively by a first responder and may be of interest from the perspective of a best practice or it could be a matter of concern.

Positive occurrence/best practice: this will defined by you as an individual or advocate. It may be a response that addressed the needs of an individual in an appropriate, progressive manner and the outcome benefitted all involved. It may be a form of outreach by a first responder or a department as a whole. This will help us to be aware of areas that may be an example to others and we will look to share this across first responder disciplines.

Negative occurrence/matter of concern: this allows us to track incidents and address training needs more expeditiously and concisely. With the relationships we have established with first responders and their governing bodies, we can more accurately discuss and address concerns with them.

If your concern is that of confidentiality, we respect that and can be a conduit to the department, allowing you to feel comfortable in reporting and knowing that your matter has been brought forward to the appropriate personnel. We do not require your name, address, or phone number, but we do request you provide an email address so we can contact you. Your information will remain confidential.

Report an Occurrence


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