Disability Awareness 101

Disability Awareness 101

Disability awareness helps “to remove barriers so that responsible, self-sufficient people with disabilities can assume risks, make choices and contribute as they wish… this is a vision in which we all win.”

Disability awareness helps us recognize and challenge unfair attitudes and behaviors, and create a world where everyone feels accepted and included. By understanding different needs and perspectives, we can work together to build a community that values and supports everyone, regardless of their abilities. Everyone needs disability awareness training. Regardless of your relationship with disabled people, it is inherent upon every person to put forth an effort to learn about the barriers to inclusivity, appropriate etiquette and interaction skills, proper language, and Americans with Disabilities Act compliance.

Disability awareness training is instrumental in aligning organizational practices with Diversity, Equity,  Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) standards, and participation demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and equal opportunity within the workforce. The unique, comprehensive trainings offered by The Institute on Disability Awareness at Niagara University play a pivotal role in meeting DEIA requirements to fostering a more inclusive and understanding workplace culture. We emphasize the importance of recognizing and accommodating individual differences and serve to dismantle stereotypes, eliminate biases, and promote awareness of diverse abilities. Our training encourages open dialogue, creates a safe space for discussions about disability-related issues, and empowers participants to challenge preconceptions. 

We recognize that many DEIA plans do not fully embrace disability, and in some instances, do not recognize it all. The Institute on Disability Awareness, through its training programs and technical assistance and support, provides the direction needed to incorporate disability into the structure of DEIA planning.

The training was unbelievably informative and well received by our team…everyone was engaged through your entire presentation…you did a wonderful job keeping it energetic and interesting.

— Sarah, Talent Acquisition Administrator

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